About Us

We are Ultimate Fire and Security Systems, a company who strive to provide protection and security to all our customers. We believe in outstanding service. That’s why we have the best multi-skilled service and installation engineers to take care of you from start, to the finished product and aftercare. Our clients are always left confident that the work has been carried out to the highest standard.

We are a privately-owned company with no links to specific manufacturers leaving us to choose from the most reliable and cost effective manufacturers to suit our clients budgets, we also aren’t tied with a parent company. We specifically specialise in the fire & security sector and are experts in the provision, installation and maintenance of fire & security solutions.

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Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to create a range of services to provide a one stop shop approach to your fire & security needs. We appreciate that often fire & security requirements are a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ and often you need to focus your attention on running your business, not managing various suppliers & partners to provide all of the services you require. Therefore, we provide a full range of services, meaning you deal with us for all aspects and we manage everything for you.

If your business has effective fire safety and security features in place, it means that you can concentrate on running your business.

Your staff, visitors, buildings and assets will all be protected from fire and crime and if the worst does happen, you and your staff will know how to respond.

However, since starting we have diversified. Offering these services to residential customers.

With dedicated Fire and Security experts on hand 24/7 we provide the ultimate protection.