Automatic Opening Vent

Automatic Opening Vents (AOV) are windows that are integrated into the structure of the building. When either heat or smoke is picked up by detectors, the windows open automatically, allowing for the natural ventilation of air and smoke. This system is completely automated, with no human intervention needed. The moment smoke or heat is detected, the vent is opened to provide a level of protection to people escaping the building.

Automatic Opening Vents can save lives by keeping escape routes free of smoke, preventing smoke inhalation and allowing the emergency services a clear and visible way through the building.

We can discuss the best ways to implement this system for your business. We are able to design and commission bespoke systems to meet your needs.


    Protect what is important to you

    Automatic Opening Vent Ultimate Fire & Security

    The Process

    Free site Survey

    During your free site visit, survey and assessment, our consultants will take the time to understand what is the most robust and reliable solution bespoke to your requirements.

    Installation and Commissioning

    All security systems are installed to the latest standards and all our equipment is of the highest quality. You will be provided with a detailed drawing of your system layout which will be needed if you wish to add to the system in the future or to detect problems.

    Following installation, checks are completed to ensure every aspect of our work meets the specifications in our design. Following completion, the full system will be tested to make sure everything works as it should, then we hand-over the completed fire alarm system to you. You then receive all the necessary documents, certificates, operating manual and logbook.

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