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We are specialists in Fire Risk Assessment, employing a dedicated and highly trained professional team offering a free site survey as an initial fire safety check to understand the levels of compliance with the new fire & safety rules. Following our report we can advise on any further work required.

Depending on your exact requirements we will attend your site, discuss your requirements and carry out an assessment of the fire risk. Once completed we will present our findings to you and then, where required, will suggest corrective measures. The measures may be for compliance with current regulations or to ensure you and your business operate in a safer environment.

What is a fire risk assessment?
Fire risk assessment is a statutory evaluation plan which we can help you with to ensure you comply. The ‘responsible person’ who can be employer, owner or landlord are liable to assess the fire risk. As part of the assessment you must identify fire hazards, identify people at risk, evaluate, remove or reduce the risks, record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training. Finally, review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.


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    Why you need a fire risk assessment?

    • As a business you have a duty of care to carry out a regular fire safety checks.
    • If you have moved to a new premises and need to evaluate the building’s fire hazards and safety requirements.
    • You have carried out a building renovation or extension and need to know if your building is still adequately protected.
    • You want to exercise due diligence in the event a fire does break out in your commercial premises, and have the best chance of an insurance claim being successful.

    Your report will summarise the extent of all fire hazards and the precautions in place to defend against these hazards. If your premises is deemed to be non-compliant with UK Fire Safety Law then you will be provided with recommendations to modify your building’s fire safety strategy, which we can then help you implement.

    New Fire Safety Rules

    The new fire safety rules in England and Wales state that responsibility for complying with the Fire Safety order will rest with the employer and any other person who has control of any part of the premises. Responsibility for enforcement of the new rules will be with the local fire and rescue service authority who will regularly carry out inspections. Top priority will be towards those premises presenting the most risk to the community.

    Each organisation is expected to have a fire risk assessment carried out, which must focus on safety in the case of a fire.The reality of not carrying out a fire risk assessment is that you could be fined and/or jailed for non-compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Not to mention you’d be putting your building, staff and yourself at unnecessary risk by not checking that the infrastructure you have in place can minimise the loss and damage in the event of a fire.

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    Want us to provide fire safety training?

    Don’t worry, here at Ultimate Fire and Security we have you covered. We offer on-site training to cover a range of products. Training can include weekly, monthly or annual testing of Fire and Emergency Lighting systems as required. It can also include Fire Extinguisher training in the workplace, Health & Safety training and a range of other courses.
    If you want us to provide fire safety training then fill in the contact form above.

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