Ultimate Fire and Security Systems are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV. Each package is created to individual customer’s requirements. We are an all in one solution to your CCTV needs. Allowing you to take control of your commercial and residential premises.

What is CCTV?

A CCTV system provides constant protection for both commercial and residential customers. Through motioning crucial areas and acting as a deterrent. Any criminal activity caught can then be used as evidence.

Why use CCTV?

We understand you want the best protection for your business within your budget and needs.

  • Protecting your workplace and staff from crime.
  • Guide & assist you to get the best system for your requirements using the latest equipment.
  • Currently don’t have a system installed and want one.
  • Want to monitor staff and operations within the business.
  • Holding sensitive information or materials that need to be monitored by CCTV.
  • Already been a victim of crime and want to implement CCTV to deter further criminal activity.


    Protect what is important to you

    CCTV Camera Installation Ultimate Fire & Security

    The CCTV Process

    Free site Survey

    During your free site visit, survey and assessment, our consultants will take the time to understand what is the most robust and reliable solution bespoke to your requirements.

    Installation and Commissioning

    All CCTV systems are installed to the latest standards and all our equipment is of the highest quality. You will be provided with a detailed drawing of your system layout which will be needed if you wish to add to the system in the future or to detect problems.

    Following installation, checks are completed to ensure every aspect of our work meets the specifications in our design. Following completion, the full system will be tested to make sure everything works as it should, then we hand-over the completed CCTV system to you. You then receive all the necessary documents, certificates, operating manual and logbook.

    What to consider?

    CCTV systems for each customer are different depending on your needs. Ultimate Fire and Security Systems will listen to your individual requirements and create the best CCTV system within your budget and needs.

    • Would you prefer your cameras to be discreet or to stand-out? You’ll need to think about why it is you want to install the system on your premises.
    • How many cameras would you like and where? Decide whether you’ll need more inside or outside of your building; outdoor cameras will need to be weatherproof.
    • How long would you like footage stored for? Recordings on most devices allow up to 30 days of stored footage.
    • Will you require night vision technology? You’ll need to assess if your building or business requires this extra functionality, e.g. it could be a sensitive target at night.
    • Would you prefer wireless or wired security cameras? A wireless installation is typically faster and less intrusive, but more expensive. If you would prefer wireless, you’ll need to make sure your internet signal strength is adequate.

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