Fire Alarm Installation

Ultimate Fire and Security are specialists in fire alarm installation, offering a complete design, installation and maintenance package that is designed to each individual customer’s requirements.

All fire alarm systems are installed to the latest standards and all our equipment is of the highest quality and is designed to minimise the risk of false alarms. You will be provided with a detailed drawing of your system layout which will be needed if you wish to add to the system in the future or to detect problems.

Following installation, checks are completed to ensure every aspect of our work meets the specifications in our design. Following completion, the full system will be tested to make sure everything works as it should, then we hand-over the completed fire alarm system to you. You then receive all the necessary documents, certificates, operating manual and logbook.

Why you need fire alarm installation?

  • You need to install a fire alarm following a fire risk assessment or fire brigade inspection.
  • Need to upgrade an old and outdated existing system.
  • Current system is functioning properly. Causing false alarms.
  • Changing the layout of the building and need to check for current system will still provide the best protection.


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    Conventional Fire Alarm Installation Ultimate Fi

    Conventional Fire Alarm Installation

    Our in-house dedicated engineers have many years of experience and have designed, supplied, and installed a wide variety of fire and security systems. A conventional fire alarm is a safety system designed to detect and alert you to any signs of fire within your premises.

    What’s the difference between conventional alarms and addressable alarms?

    A conventional fire alarm panel does not allow you to pinpoint which individual device has been triggered. If you have this type of system, we would recommend looking into the options for upgrading to an addressable system.

    Addressable Fire Alarms

    Non-addressable systems
    These systems are normally suited to smaller buildings and usually consist of 10 to 25 detection devices.

    Addressable systems
    These systems are normally suited to larger buildings and are capable of complex programming to provide a wide range of applications. Solutions often involve ventilation systems, fire breaks and the closing of fire doors on corridors.

    Radio fire systems
    These systems are normally suited when wiring isn’t allowed, such as in churches, stately homes and listed buildings.

    Addressable Fire Alarm Installation Ultimate Fire & Security

    ultimate fire and security engineer testing fire panel

    Wireless Fire Alarm Installation

    We are recognised as an installer of the new XPander range of wireless fire alarm detectors and sounders. Our engineers have attended the Apollo Fire detectors training program in Havant at Apollo’s head office.

    As well as installation, commissioning and testing, we can provide radio surveying a site for compatibility and system design including detector types and suitability.

    The XPander range is designed for use where wired detectors are either impractical or undesirable and offers an instant fire protection solution using existing XP95-compatible control panels. No special adjustment or programming is required: once connected, the XPander devices are simply recognized by the control panel as another detector connected to the system.

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