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Whatever home improvements we are making, there are always many options for us to consider, whether it’s the materials we’re using, should you complete the works yourself or using the professionals, should you wait until the warmer weather etc. When it comes to your garden gate, this also comes with a choice of options to decide upon. The following article was published on the which looks at top tips on choosing a garden gate and what you should consider when choosing…

Much consideration is given to an enclosing boundary in a garden, so it comes as a surprise when so often garden gates appear to be an afterthought. Gates are the portal between public street and a secret garden space. Consider these things before deciding on which garden gate you buy:

A solid wooden gate may be preferable to a decorative metalwork gate, and perhaps is better suited to a rural garden, allowing views to the countryside beyond. If your fencing is timber, manufacturers often sell gates to match their fence panels, to create a continuous run. If your boundaries are constructed in brick, stone or are hedged, then the choice is yours. Aluminium is a popular material and can be installed easily. It’s durable and low maintenance which appeals to many busy homeowners.

Consider the piers that the gate will be fixed to. Less is almost always more. Oversized brick piers detract from the simplicity of the gate itself, particularly when topped with overly decorative finials. My plea for simplicity, however, gets thrown out of the window where picket fences are concerned. In my opinion, a low picket gate cries out for an arch smothered with roses and other scented climbers, to intoxicate the senses.

In front gardens be aware of planning conditions – unless you’re in a conservation area, generally speaking, you do not need planning permission to take down, alter, maintain or improve an existing fence, wall or gate, so long as you don’t increase its height. However, new fences and gates should not be over 1m high if they are next to a highway used by vehicles (or the footpath of such a highway). If you are lucky enough to inherit a high boundary in a front garden, then a solid wooden gate can screen the road, and allow you to make the most of a fully private front garden.

If you regularly use the access, it is worth fitting a light, perhaps with a sensor to the external face, to allow a key to be placed in the gate’s lock in the depths of a dark winter’s night.

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