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We could talk to you all day about the benefits of automatic aluminium gates as we are passionate about why should choose them over manual gates. That’s why we were thrilled to come across this article on which discusses the top five benefits of automatic gates. Have a read and see what you think…

Since a gate is the first thing that anyone notices in a building or the first thing people have to cross when entering a building, it needs a lot of attention. You must be extremely careful with the selection of the gate. It so often happens that people are so concerned about the aesthetics of a gate; they forget to take into consideration the level of security a gate will provide. Both these factors are essential and must be weighed in equally before a gate is selected and purchased.

Automatic Gate vs. Manual Gate
When it comes to choosing a gate for your house or an enclave or any private property, you will have the option of either a manual gate or an automatic gate. Though it is dependent upon your own personal preferences, which one do you want, but in this day and age when you have the options, having an automatic gate will be more advantageous for you than a manual gate. Let’s explore few of the reasons due to which benefits of automatic gates outweigh those of manual gates.

1. Security
It is a no-brainer that gates provide security. The question is, are automatic gates more secure than manual gates? The answer to this can be found if you just visualize the opening of a manual gate and that of an automatic gate. As the name implies, the manual gate will open if anyone physically pushes or unlocks or unlatches the gate. Whereas, an automatic gate will open only when given a certain command. Where a manual gate can be opened by anyone, only an authorized person who has access to a remote control or who is recognized by the security system that comes together with an automatic gate will be able to open an automatic gate. The security system may include face recognition, swiping a card, or punching in a passkey etc. An automatic gate thus provides foolproof security. It will only allow those people in who you wish to enter. Moreover, an automatic gate is a great deterrent when it comes to burglars and robbers. They can perhaps get in by scaling the wall or the gate, but they will be captured by surveillance camera. Also, it’s near impossible to escape from a house that has an automatic gate unobserved. Therefore, if security of your property is on your agenda, opt for an automatic gate.

2. Convenience
Automatic gates are highly convenient. You are in a hurry and you have to get out to open the gate, get in the car, drive it over the curb, get out again, close the gate and then get in the car again. It may not take a lot of time but it creates a panic that is certainly avoidable if you had in place an automatic gate. You certainly cannot leave the gate open, whether you are getting late from your work or appointment or you are rushing out for an emergency. Automatic gate solves all such problems for you. You just need to get in the car and depending upon the type of automatic gate, you just give the specific command and out you go. Automatic gates also prove expressively convenient in inclement weather. No one really wants to get wet when there is a downpour and it is highly inconvenient to get caught up in a windstorm while opening and closing the gate. Your only concern would be to get inside safe and sound rather than having to get out of the car to manually open and close the gate.

3. Increase In Property Value
If you have an automatic gate installed at your house or any of your property, it enhances the value of your property. Companies like RS Engineering International have been installing gates for a number of years now and they say that once a potential buyer sees that you have an automatic gate on your property, the buyer automatically ascertains the value you place on your property. When you have invested care and money in your property, it will be appreciated in terms of higher return when you are selling the place. The buyer will certainly reap benefits that an automated gate provides and thus will be willing to pay an amount higher than usual market value of similar property.

4. Privacy
Even though a manual gate also affords privacy, an automated gate just takes it up a notch. No one can just barge in without authorization and permission. So if you are having a private meeting or a family gathering, you can simply bar further access and entry by setting the command to close. Having an automatic gate also sends a message to passersby and neighbors that you do not want anyone on your property without express permission. Also, no one can get out of your property without you being aware of it.

5. Aesthetic Appeal
An automatic gate greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of a property. You can choose from a wide variety of styles available and select one that goes with your house, surroundings and the overall ambience. This is the technological age; therefore, having an aesthetically appealing gate that comes with full automation gives you an edge over those who do not have such an addition to their property.

Your property gets to be more secure and of a high value, affords great privacy, is super convenient and looks beautiful, all because you made the choice to install an automatic gate.

You can read the full article on the benefits of automatic aluminium gates

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