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Our customers love their aluminium gates – especially the fact that there is very little to do to maintain them. However, we often get asked how to clean aluminium gates as, like everything else, being open to the elements will mean that they need a good clean from time to time. We came across an interesting article about the gates and how to ensure they are cleaned properly which you may be interested to read…

How to clean aluminium gates:
1. Rinse aluminium gates with a garden hose (no pressure washers!) to remove dirt and debris;
2. Using a non-abrasive aluminium gate cleaner, clean gates with a wet sponge;
3. (Optional) Use a non-abrasive brush to remove residue;
4. Rinse aluminium gate again with a hose;
5. Wipe dry with a soft, microfibre cloth.

Sounds easy right? And it is! That’s why aluminium gates are so popular – they’re easy to maintain.

Remember when following these steps – don’t use any type of pressure washer on your aluminium gate. If you do, you run the risk of compromising your aluminium gate’s powder-coating.
If this happens, then any pressurised spray will eat away at your gate’s protective layer. So it’s best just to use a garden hose or a sponge and some water. If you do use a gate cleaner, make sure it doesn’t contain chemicals that could affect the powder-coating.

For a cleaning product that’s safe for aluminium gates, don’t use anything corrosive. And always use a non-alkaline cleaner for your aluminium gates and fences.
Remember, as easy as aluminium gates are to maintain, everything still gets dirty. Plus, gates with patterns and slats will need careful hand-washing in hard-to-reach areas.

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