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We recently published an article on choosing between aluminium gates and wrought iron gates. But what about when you have to choose between aluminium and wooden gates? We had a look at the article below on which talks about the benefits of aluminium over wooden gates. Take a look and see what you think…

When it comes to aluminium gates versus wooden gates, there’s a clear winner.
Wooden gates need some of the highest levels of maintenance. This is because wood can contract or expand depending on temperature and the weather.
This means that wooden gates can crack and rot can develop. If not treated right, these problems can put undue pressure on gate motors. This means you’ll have to maintain both gate and motor.
But, of course, wooden gates still have loads of positives. They can offer a rustic look and a design that doesn’t obstruct your view. It’s just that they need a lot of regular maintenance.
And even with all that maintenance, they’ll still succumb to age and wear a lot sooner than aluminium gates.

Aluminium gates on the other hand, are extremely low maintenance and look fantastic all year round! They are also simple to clean – take a look at our article on cleaning aluminium gates.

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Take a look at the debate between choosing aluminium gates and wrought iron gates.
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