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When you are choosing new gates for your home or business, one of the factors you will consider will be the material which the gates are made of. There is a debate between aluminium gates vs wrought iron gates. Which would you choose? The article below was published on and talks about the advantages of choosing aluminium for your gates…

Why choose any other gate than an aluminium one? It’s a good question.
Of course, wrought iron and wooden gates might hold sentimental value. Or they might add to a property’s aesthetic. But when you look at what’s required to maintain these types of gates, you’ll join us on the aluminium side of the fence. For example, with a wrought iron gate you’ll need to both wash it and remove rust. Because this is a tough, durable metal you’ll need a wire brush and some elbow grease. You might even need a drill with a brush attachment.

After that, you’ll still need to wash wrought iron gates with white spirit. Then you can use a brush and an emery cloth to smooth its surface. Last but not least, you’ll need to apply metal primer to wrought iron gates and leave it for 24 hours. Only then can you come back and apply fresh paint.
All that just to prevent corrosion. Whereas, aluminium gates are powder-coated at the point of manufacture. So wrought iron gates definitely need more maintenance.
Plus, iron itself doesn’t cope too well with long-term air and water exposure. In turn, this will lead to rust that will cause any paint coating to flake. Rust can also be a nightmare for wrought iron metal gate hinges and moving parts.

And, if you don’t treat it your gate could rust to the point that it no longer opens!

Bear in mind that iron is heavier than aluminium. Because of this, an iron gate may also have a high installation and delivery cost. Plus, if you have a sliding driveway gate, it will need a strong motor to move it.

Just consider that against aluminium which comes pre-treated and requires minimal maintenance.

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