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A good quality gate can change the whole look of your home, while also adding security to ensure you feel safer. There are many different designs available to home-owners as well as automated options and the materials used. We came across this article on which discusses four classic driveway gate designs which will never go out of style. Take a look and see which one you prefer…

Modern Driveway Gate Design
The modern driveway gate design comes from several design movements that first appeared (or gained popularity) at the start of the 20th century. This type of gate design focuses on angularity more than curves and as such features clean and straight lines.
Most gates with a modern design are made from metals such as steel or aluminum; however the modern look can also be achieved with wood. Since a modern driveway gate is itself a statement piece it often features bold and striking colors such as blacks, purples or reds.
Its boldness means that it will work well with homes that also have a modern design; however you should be careful if your home has a more traditional or heritage aesthetic as the contrast between the two can be jarring.

Classic Functional Driveway Gate Design
Driveway gates with this design put function first, and aesthetics second. This is a gate that is streamlined and simple. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re plain or boring. A classic functional gate can look very elegant as it features smooth straight lines and gentle curves. The material of choice for classic functional driveway gates is powder-coated steel, with wrought iron as a close second.
Oftentimes homeowners who choose a classic gate may opt to make a statement with the pillars, often featuring a more ornate design with stone or brick columns to frame the simpler-looking gate.

Classic Ornate Driveway Gate Design
This type of gate has similar design elements as the classic functional design. It takes these elements and builds upon them, focusing much more on the look and aesthetics of the gate. The classic ornate gate is marked by different types of embellishments. These can be various ornamental flourishes such as curvatures, spirals, flowers and leaves, spears and many more. The ornamental touches can be featured throughout the gate or placed on individual posts.
Since the ornate gate is very eye-catching it often also features pillars that are just as intricate as the gate itself. The pillar can carry on the design of the gate or be separate features. Oftentimes, the pillars are topped with statues or light fixtures to add to the dramatic design.
The materials used in the construction of this type of gate are usually the same as the classic functional style: powder-coated steel and wrought iron. This gate is also often painted and features gold or metallic details. An ornate gate is definitely a statement piece and as such it’s best suited to homes that are just as grand and ornate.

Farm-Style Driveway Gate Design
This type of driveway gate differs from the previous examples mostly in its simplicity and material. A farm-style, rural or ranch-style gate is nearly always made from wood since its aim is to blend in with a more rustic background. These gates are best suited to open, rural spaces as they best reflect the natural environment from which they are inspired.
The farm-style gate is built with functionality first in mind, and is often simple and durable. However, it is also highly customizable as carving, painting and staining the gate offers ample choice to personalise the gate to suit the property and homeowners’ taste.

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